Flmodafinil nzt 48

Flmodafinil or how media calls it NZT 48 compared to other nootropics is in different league

What does Flmodafinil do? Essentially, imagine the 5 minutes in the day you are most alert and productive, and then imagine extending that period of time to 5-6 hours, well that's flmodafinil 🧠

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Flmodafinil CRL-40,940 bisfluoromodafinil lauflumide

Studies showed flmodafinil got bioaffinity 4X TIMES GREATER then modafinil

If you tried other notropics and didn't get that focus, energy and alertness you desire, its because you haven't tried flmodafinil yet

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How flmodafinil works

Flmodafinil works on several neuroreceptors in brain but what makes it really powerful is its bioaffinity . It can go through vassal brain barrier easily and it works great with your brain biochemistry 👍

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Flmodafinil reviews

Sam De Smedt 1 day ago

omg this drug is one of the best drugs I've ever tried. It's kind of like ritalin but way longer lasting without a comedown or jitters. And it works very well for my anxiety too. I don't know why but I think it's because flmodafinil keeps me focused on only the stuff I plan to do and not on anxiety

Lochtaupo 2 weeks ago

The first time I took this, within 40-mins it was like all the lights turned on, like electricity was fully restored to my mind. It’s not a high feeling, it was essentially a familiar feeling, familiar in that this was how I used to feel many years ago before all the major sleep issues I developed. I have found it to be a real game changer, it allows me to do a job that is extremely cognitively demanding.

dastforush 1 month ago

I have sleep apnea took this dug and I definitely got a wow factor . Before I was extremely tired, concentration very low and was quite hard to focus on work without being distracted. First day I took it I was very motivated and didn't feel like a zombie, still feel tired but didn't feel as though I was going to fall asleep. Didn't have any side effects, just made sure to stay hydrated. This has definitely help me get through the days of work . Note it's not a fix but more of a temporary solution to the effects of sleep deprivation. If you are in a similar situation focus on getting more permanent solutions.

Der Muh4 3 months ago

I love flmodafinil. It just gives you that little edge.

Abhay 4 months ago

It has worked for me to an extent my first day today,I feel clarity in what I perceive from my surroundings,I feel 30-40percent better than what I was

Gabby 4 months ago

I've taken vyvanse before and I happen to be on Flmodafinil right now. My assessment: Feeling- Flmodafinil feels better and natural, but I can feel well enough to where it seems to legitimately work (I don't feel like a took "nothing"). My mood is the same as usual (cheerful), without changing my natural mood too much. It feels safer. . Vyvanse is strong, with real body changes and gives mild excitable/jitter feeling. It does cause dehydration and restroom changes, if you know what I mean. Cognitive: Flmodafinil certainly enhances my thinking and cognitive abilites, more than without. Vyvanse Greatly enhances my reading and writing capabilities, but Hurts my creative abilities. If you need to stay awake painting a portrait, use Flmodafinil. If you need to stay up at a computer, use Vyvanse (it's better for monotonous work). But I warn that you must be prescribed Vyvanse, and although it makes you feel happy and content, it has larger feelings of effect on the body. I VOTE FLMODAFINIL.

SanDiegoJoey 7 months ago

It has been all positives for me, in fact it is so good I’m afraid to take it daily. However, I do have trouble staying hydrated, my body simply won’t retain water and especially my skin. If I take 100mg three days in a row I’ll look ten years older by the 3rd day and be a few pounds lighter due to hydration issues.

Mar I 10 months ago

100 milligrams gives me the energy to do everyday tasks. I have an autoimmune disease which drains me of energy and I've found that I can feel almost normal on Flmodafinil. It also has the properties of an anti depressant which really does make me feel better. I take flmod about three times a week. When I really need to keep appointments or have especially strenuous cognitive tasks.

Jana 1 year ago

Best nootropic I have ever tried, would recommend 10/10!!!

Sarah 1 year ago

Greatest dopamine reuptake inhibitor I tried